*Pointe 1The school was established in 2002 with just 15 pupils. Today there are around 200 children and adults taking classes in Ballet, Modern, Tap, Musical Theatre and Street. Our Ballet pupils learn the Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet. Pupils are able to enter exams and medal tests with two of the largest teaching organisations in the country, the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and the International Dance Teachers Association.

The classes we offer cater for all children, whether they dance purely for pleasure or wish to pursue vocational interests. The school promotes the ethos that dancers should be all-round, versatile performers, who are not only technically sound but also expressive and artistic. Our school shows, and entry into local dance festivals, provide the opportunity for this to be achieved.

The school has 6 permanent members of staff including 2 dance teaching assistants and a pianist.

Why dance?

ClassesDance is beneficial for children in so many ways. When we dance, we build strength and stamina as well as developing muscle control, poise and balance. Dancing can also improve spatial awareness and give children the opportunity to gain personal confidence, build their self-esteem and learn to respect others. Through a better understanding of rhythm and music, children may find that their grasp of mathematical concepts progresses. All of this makes dance a unique activity that promotes creativity and physical well-being.