Terms and conditions

Buntingford School of Dance (BSD) Ltd

Terms and Conditions


  1. NEW PUPILS – A one off £12 non-refundable Registration Fee* is payable when first registering each pupil with Buntingford School of Dance/Mitchell School of Dance. *This fee is also payable if a pupil returns to the School after a break of more than one year.
  2. All pupils are entitled to a no obligation trial class before committing to classes. If your child does not wish to continue after the trial please inform us within 5 days or fees as quoted become payable.
  3. All Pupils are automatically re-enrolled in classes every term/half term unless we receive notice in writing/email to stop classes.
  4. We welcome parents to stay and watch for the trial class in Baby Ballet and Pre-Primary Ballet, following which we encourage you to leave your child with the teacher, for children under 7 years old please stay in the building in case they need you. For other classes we encourage children to attend trial class unaccompanied.
  5. The Registration Form must be completed in advance of the first/trial class so we have medical details and contact details.


Fees & Invoicing

  1. Invoices are issued prior to the start of each term/half term to allow time to give notice if pupils wish to stop classes.
  2. All fees should be paid on, or prior to, the first class of term/half term – details of how to make payment is on the invoices.
  3. If fees are not paid by the end of the second week of the term / half term, a £5 admin fee may be charged.
  4. Refunds/Reductions will only be issued in exceptional circumstances, not for occasional illness, family holidays etc.
  5. Our class fees are held at fixed rate per half term based on a minimum 33 week academic year.
  6. In the unlikely but unavoidable event that a class has to be cancelled an alternative will be offered.  Only if an alternative class is not offered will a refund be given. (Please note it may not be possible to schedule the alternative class in the same day/timeslots as the regular class).
  7. In the event of a health epidemic, or any other major unforeseen event, an extension to the term time may be required. This will be seen as ‘alternative classes’ and so clause no. 6 above will apply.


Notice to Stop Classes

  1. Notice must be given, in writing/email, prior to the first day of a term/half term (dates as given on the website) if a pupil wishes to stop classes. If no notice is given by 3pm on the final day of the holiday, then fees will become due on the first day of the term/half term and must be paid, regardless of whether your child returns to classes.


Permissions and Consent

  1. Medical: Teachers may give immediate and or necessary first aid treatment and if needed may call an ambulance/emergency medical responders. Parents/Guardians are required to specify if they wish to opt out of this.
  2. Photographic: With consent (as given on our registration form) photographs and videos of occasional classes and performances of pupils may be used in press editorial pieces and other promotional material of the Buntingford School of Dance including the website, social media and printed press.
  3. When parents / guardians /other family members or friends come to BSD to watch classes, or performances, photographs and videos may be taken, but only of the child for whom you have legal responsibility. Photographs of any other child or adult may not be taken.



  1. During the course of dance tuition, it is sometimes necessary for the teacher to have physical contact with a pupil in order to correct faults in technique. For example, moving an arm or a leg into the right position, or holding a foot in the right place etc.



  1. All school policies, details of which can be accessed via the website, must be adhered to, by parents and pupils.


On-line classes & tutorials

  1. When taking part in a ‘Zoom’ lesson (or lesson using other similar technology) parents / guardians of students under the age of 16 must be present to supervise their child. Parents must make sure that they can see the tutorial on the screen but must not been seen in front of the camera, so that we can clearly see the student and nobody else. If we see anyone else in the shot we may need to terminate the students’ participation. Sitting to the side of the room is ideal so that you can view both the screen and also the participant – this way you can still be in a position to see the screen whilst not being picked-up by the camera on your device.
  2. The email invitations for classes will only come from Buntingford School of Dance and from this email address; buntingforddance@thinksmartmail.com. Do not open any emails which appear to have any other title/senders address. Do not share the link for classes. We are planning to get up the customer portal very soon, which will provide an alternative way to access the class.
  3. Make sure there is enough space to move safely, we recommend at least 2 metres x 2 metres square of floor space and adequate head height for jumping (at least 2 metres floor to ceiling), per participant. Move things to the side of the room, if possible to create enough space to move safely.
  4. Make sure the floor surface is suitable and is not slippery – If you are taking part in a Tap lesson/tutorial we recommend you test-out a small area to make sure it doesn’t damage. (You could put Jazz shoes or hard-soled shoes on if needs be).
  5. If the participant is unable to follow the teacher’s instructions they should cease the class immediately until it is possible to ask the instructor for further guidance.
  6. Your child must be wearing the correct uniform for their dance class. The correct attire means safe dance practice – wearing unsuitable clothing could result in injury.
  7. Late participants may not be accepted into the class for health and safety reasons.
  8. The teacher may conduct classes with Video’s ON or Video’s OFF and similarly with Microphones ON or OFF. With videos ON the teacher and pupils will be able to see each other. If a parent decides that they do not wish their child’s video to be on, and therefore not visible to the teacher or to the others in the class, they may elect to turn their child’s video off themselves. If you keep your child’s Video ‘ON’ please ensure that the background is clear and free from display of sensitive information. A parent may also select to turn their child’s microphone ‘OFF’, so that their child cannot be heard by the teacher or the rest of the class.
  9. By participating in the lesson you understand that we cannot completely control the peripheral activity in a home / place of transmission of the tutorial.
  10. On-line technology requires the use of a webcam, so we recommend that you have good computer security software installed.  A good security suite includes antivirus, anti-spyware and a firewall amongst other tools.  We also recommend that you ensure your wireless network has strong security settings and a good password.
  11. Photographs may be taken only of the child taking part and NOT of the screen/Zoom transmission.
  12. If possible set up the device with the first name or surname of the student participating.
  13. Participation in on-line tutorials is at your own risk, neither Buntingford School of Dance Ltd nor its teachers can accept liability for damage or injury howsoever caused.

All our policies are available on our website – click here

Enrollment for and attendance at classes indicates acceptance of these terms

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