Beauty and The Beast Workshop June 2014


I went to the Ballet Cymru will high expectations, and those expectations were exceeded. Accompanying me were two pupils from grade one, three pupils from grade three and two pupils from grade four. Pupils got to meet all the cast members of Beauty and Beast, were all informed of their roles with in the ballet. The pupils were then given a half an hour ballet lesson consisting of various exercises at the barre and in the centre. After this short lesson the pupils were told the story of the ballet, by the Beast himself, with the assistance of his fellow cast members. To finish off, the girls had the opportunity to learn Belle’s solo dance, taught by the one and only, Belle. The only boy who had joined the workshop learned the routine to the gambling scene within the ballet. To conclude the evening everyone who attended the workshop watched the ballet, and what an amazing ballet it was. With only nine cast members in total, the story of Beauty and the Beast was portrayed with such emotion and ease. I think I will be right in saying, and on behalf of the children that took part, that it was an amazing experience.


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