Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre combines ACTING, SINGING, and DANCING to convey emotion and to tell a story.  

Apart from being tremendous fun there are numerous benefits; Acting promotes speaking skills, communication and teamwork, and whilst taking on a different role a child learns to empathize and identify with others. The ability to speak confidently in public, in front of an audience, is a very valuable life skill.  Singing promotes listening skills and trains the brain to remember timing, patterns, rhythms, and lyrics. Whilst Dance, apart from the obvious physical benefits allows your child to express themselves creatively. 

All these things combined make Musical Theatre a unique performing art form which can enhance self-esteem, and promote team working skills and self-confidence, whilst providing a unique outlet for creativity and self-expression.

We do not currently offer a Musical Theatre class but can offer dance genres found in Musicals.


Buntingford School of Dance - Musical Theatre
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