Some of our pupils are performing in a variety of local shows over the next few months. Below are details of who is in what and how to book tickets if you would like to see any of the performances.

Rebecca Jones is in The Chelmsford Ballet Company’s production of The Sleeping Beauty. Performances are  Wednesday 16th – Saturday 19th March at Chelmsford Civic Theatre, Chelmsford.

For Tickets for The Sleeping Beauty at Chelmsford Civic Theatre, Chelmsford- click here


Jessica DeMonte, Amie Dobner, Megan Eaglesfield and Chloe Hatton are all in The Gordon Craig Theatre’s in house production of Alice in Wonderland over the Easter Weekend. Performances are Thursday 24th March – Monday 28th March. This production has 3 teams of children Jessica, Amie and Megan are in one team and Chloe is in another so between them they are in 6 of the 9 performances.

Jessica/Amie/Megan -Performances – Thursday 24th 4pm, Saturday 26th 2.30pm, Sunday 27th 4.30pm

Chloe – Friday 25th 4.30pm, Sunday 27th 1.30pm, Monday 28th 4.30pm

For tickets for Alice in Wonderland at The Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage- click here


Henry Eaglesfield is in Broxbourne Theatre Company’s production of Guys & Dolls. Performances are Wednesday 4th May – Saturday 7th May at The Spotlight (formerly Broxbourne Civic Hall).

For Tickets for Guys and Dolls at The Spotlight, High Street, Hoddesdon – click here


Chloe Hatton will be in Hertford Dramatic and Operatic Society’s production of Little Shop of Horrors. Performances are Wednesday 18th May – Saturday 21st May.

For Tickets for Little Shop of Horrors at Hertford Theatre, The Wash, Hertford – click here


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