On Saturday 24th May, we are asking all children in Philippa’s Saturday morning ballet classes at Freman College, if they would like to bring Mum or Dad to their ballet class to join in! All we are asking for in return is a suggested donation of £3 each which will be split between the children’s theatrical charity ‘Bamboozle’, www.bamboozletheatre.co.uk and our own show costume fund. We hope this will be a fun morning whilst raising money for two worthwhile causes. It is advised that Mums and Dads should be fit and healthy (e.g. no back or knee injuries, and nobody who has had a baby in the previous 3 months).Please do come and join in! You never know, we might unearth talent along the lines of Nureyev or Bussell!?…What to wear: Tutus and pink/white tights please…;-) If you don’t have a tutu or white tights (!) a T shirt and shorts is fine, or leggings and a T shirt (baggy tracksuit bottoms are not ideal as I need to see knees working, so make sure nobody is doing anything dangerous!…) and bare feet unless you have ballet shoes of course. Any questions at all please contact either myself or Zoë.Philippa
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